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An Integrative Harm Reduction Approach to Treating Substance Misuse with Special Attention to Cannabis
For: Professionnels
Provided by: Les Services Psychologiques Médipsy

Date and Time

Thu Nov 8 to thu 8 nov 2018 (Cet événement est terminé)
9:00 - 4:00pm

Lieu de la conférence

149 Somerset St. West, Ottawa, ON, K2P 0H7

Event Description

Research on substance use has moved away from moral, criminal and reductive disease models towards a psychobiosocial understanding of problematic substance use and addiction. The workshop will present a model of personalized, integrative harm reduction psychotherapy (IHRP) for individuals with a spectrum of risky and addictive behavior that reflects the dynamic interplay of multiple factors. As Canada moves toward legalizing cannabis, the workshop will give special attention to the understanding the potential benefits and risks of cannabis and the application of IHRP to help users develop an ideal relationship to it.
Dr. Tatarsky will discuss the limitations of the current disease model and abstinence-only addiction treatment approaches. He will present the IHRP model which combines relational, psychoanalytic, cognitive behavioral and mindfulness techniques in a harm reduction frame. IHRP’s seven therapeutic tasks will be described: managing the therapeutic alliance with harm reduction listening, the relationship as agent of healing, enhancing self-regulation and self-management skills, assessment as treatment, embracing ambivalence, harm reduction goal setting and personalized planning for positive change. Specific techniques will be demonstrated and practiced to allow participants to begin implementing harm reduction skills immediately. Participants are encouraged to bring their most difficult clinical moments and questions for discussion.

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Dépendances (y compris la toxicomanie, l’alcoolisme et le jeu compulsif)
Gestion de la colère
Problèmes de comportement
Troubles du comportement alimentaire, y compris l’anorexie et la boulimie
Aptitudes sociales et à la vie quotidienne
Trouble de stress post-traumatique (TSPT), traumatisme et abus
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