Ile du Prince Edouard, PE
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East Prince Women's Information Centre
Information and referral for women on issues such as employment, wife-battering, addictions, legal rights, sexual harassment, etc.
The Centre's purpose is to support change in the status of women and to encourage full and equal participation in the social, economical, political and legal sphere of daily life in the community.
EPWIC's goals are to provide a meeting place for all women; serve as an information and referral service to community resources; support women whose lifestyles have changed due to relocation, job re-entry, change in marital status; and to offer volunteer opportunities in new work skills, fulfil personal goals and meet other women.
75 Central Street
Summerside, PE, C1N 3L2 Map
Âges servis: Tous âges
Langue: Anglais
Frais Aucun
Région desservie Ile du Prince Edouard
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