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Lanark County Community Justice Program
A Restorative Justice Initiative What does the Lanark County Community Justice Program do?LCCJP provides court diversion services for youth and adults in Lanark County by means of Community Justice Forums.What is a Community Justice Forum?A forum is a voluntary, confidential process that brings together victims, the accused, and their respective support people to have a structured conversation about what happened, who was affected, and how they were affected. How is this service provided?Cases are referred to LCCJP from a number of different sources, such as the Crown, attorneys or police. We accept both pre-charge & post-charge referrals.LCCJP maintains a roster of highly trained volunteer forum facilitators. Once a case is accepted by our program a team of facilitators is assigned.
Being constantly sensitive to the need for confidentiality, team members interview all parties involved and schedule a mutually agreeable date and place for a community justice forum.
The volunteer facilitator's role is to guide the forum discussion, and ensure that the process is respectful for all. Together, forum participants create a written agreement of what the accused will do to repair the harm they have caused.
Once there is a written agreement, LCCJP monitors the accused's compliance, and reports back to the referring source at regular intervals.
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