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Crisis Response Services Kenora Rainy River District
Crisis Line
The toll-free, confidential crisis line is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by Crisis Line Communicators- qualified professionals who are trained in issues related to mental health. Crisis Line Communicators provide crisis intervention and prevention, suicide intervention and support to callers during periods of self-determined crisis.
The crisis line is also the central access point for all the program components of Crisis Response Services. Upon completing an assessment with each caller, Crisis Line Communicators may assist the individual to resolve the crisis, suggest a Mobile Support Worker meet with the individual, complete the intake process for the Stabilization Unit or provide information, depending on the individual's needs.
Community Mobile Support
If a Crisis Line Communicator feels an in-person response is appropriate and necessary, a Community Mobile Support Worker will be dispatched. Mobile Support Workers may visit the individual's home, meet the individual in a neutral location or accompany the individual to hospital for further professional consultation. To enhance individual autonomy, Mobile Support Workers facilitate effective problem solving and decision-making, and refer individuals to appropriate resources for follow-up within the community. 
Within the Kenora Rainy River District, mobile crisis support is provided by community-based professionals. In Fort Frances, Kenora, Red Lake and their surrounding areas, Mobile Support Workers are available after-hours, Monday to Friday
5 p.m. - 8 a.m. and on a 24-hour basis on weekends.
In Dryden, community mobile support is available Monday to Friday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m., 5 p.m. - 8 a.m., and 24-hours on weekends.
Community Integrated Stabilization Unit
In some situations, an individual's ability to resolve a crisis may be impeded by their physical environment. Separation between the individual and their surroundings may improve his or her ability to resolve a crisis, and avoid hospitalization and/or contact with police. To provide crisis stabilization services for individuals who do not require hospitalization but who are experiencing a mental health crisis, pose a risk to themselves or others, or are living with mental illness and require short-term housing, a regional Unit is available.
Admission to a Stabilization Unit requires that individuals are

Experiencing a mental health crisis, or living with a serious mental illness and in need of short term housing;
Voluntarily seeking service;
18 years of age or older;
Eligible for admission according to applicable readmission criteria;
In agreement to abide by the Unit's no self-harm/harm to others contract;
Able to access return transportation to their place of residence.

In addition, we now have two beds for the provision of community withdrawal management services. To assist in the process of recovery, non-medical supervision and support will be provided to individuals with concurrent disorders as they withdraw from alcohol and/or drugs. 
Information and Referrals
Crisis Response Services' crisis line acts as a resource and information centre for individuals in crisis, family members, service providers and others. Using a resource database that is updated regularly, staff members are able to provide current information about services, programs and resources within the Kenora Rainy River District.
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