Waterloo Regional Municipality, ON
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Secure Custody
Program/Service of : Ray of Hope
Ray of Hope’s Secure Custody facility offers a safe place for youth aged 12-17 to carry out their court-appointed sentences. Youth in this program have committed serious crimes and Secure Custody gives them an opportunity to redirect their lives. Our on-site school, sports, trades and chaplaincy programs help youth develop life skills and alternative strategies to cope with conflict.

Our staff is committed to giving youth the support they need to make wise choices for their lives. We offer each resident an individualized Plan of Care. The staff evaluate each youth’s unique situation and develop a plan to assist youth in overcoming personal, social and spiritual challenges. Working directly with the parents/guardians of each resident, our case workers help youth and their families work together to change their lives.
2282 Queen St., RR2
Petersburg, ON, N0B 2H0 Map
Âges servis: 12 - 17 ans
Langue: Anglais
Frais Aucun
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