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Nom de l'événement

A Discussion on Drug Policy
Session d'information
For: Grand public, Professionnels
Fourni par: Richmond Addiction Services Society (RASS)

Date et l'heure

Mon Nov 17 to mon 17 nov 2014 (Cet événement est terminé)
1:00 - 3:00pm

Lieu de la conférence

7277 River Road, Richmond, BC, V6X 1X5

Description de l'évenement

An educational event in recognition of National Addiction Awareness Week towards de-stigmatizing addiction in our community.

Mark Haden will introduce A Public Health Approach to Illegal Drugs, exploring the concern many maintain about the failures and unanticipated harmful health and social consequences of criminalizing and therefore stigmatizing drug users. The presentation will explore a variety of alternate models of drug control and regulation based on public health principles, introducing the steps we as a society might take to develop public health and human rights options for a regulated market for currently illegal drugs.

Plus d'information

604-270-9220 x118


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Dépendances (y compris la toxicomanie, l’alcoolisme et le jeu compulsif)
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