Elgin County, ON
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Wellkin Child & Youth Mental Wellness (Wellkin)
Wellkin (formerly OECYC) delivers family mental health care with a focus on infants, children and youth living in Oxford and Elgin counties. Our programs and services support the needs of each individual while the agency maintains a well-rounded approach that include screening, assessment, treatment, and education. The supports and services have no costs attached. We aim to engage and support families/caregivers and peers in delivering care to infants, children and youth, while being responsive to their unique life and family circumstances. We wish that everyone accessing our services will achieve stability through active participation in treatment plans designed to address safe, healthy, and manageable outcomes.
3-800 Talbot Street
St. Thomas, ON, N5P 1E2 Map
1-877-539-0463 (Sans frais)
Âges servis: Jusqu'à 17 ans
Langue: Anglais, Interpretation services provided as needed.
Frais Aucun
Région desservie Elgin County
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