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Nom de l'événement

Amy Francis
For: Grand public, Professionnels
Fourni par: Tyndale Family Life Centre

Date et l'heure

Mon Feb 22 to mon 22 feb 2016 (Cet événement est terminé)
1:00 - 4:00pm

Lieu de la conférence

3377 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON, M2M 4B3

Description de l'évenement

Helping ourselves help others:

Hearing clients’ stories and supporting vulnerable households can be rewarding, but can also take its toll on members of the helping professions, including therapists, pastors and agency staff, affecting their well-being and work performance.

In this session, we will introduce the concepts of burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma and share tools and strategies that participants can use to take care of themselves, in order to continue to help others. We will also have a look at personal stewardship, from a Christian perspective, to remain in this vital work of serving others longer, while enjoying it more!

**Participants will have an opportunity to share their experiences and will be given a handout package with a number of tools for related Assessments and self reflection.

Learning Objectives:

- To raise and/or increase awareness of occupational stress reactions in helping professions, including vicarious trauma and their potential effects on caregivers in helping professions.
- To enhance the existing repertoire of personal and professional self care strategies in order to mitigate the possible effects of occupational stress reactions amongst helping professionals.
- To reflect on the uniqueness of a Christian perspective on the stressors experienced by professionals in helping fields.

Guest Speaker: Marcella Parr

Marcella Parr works as a Mental Health Nurse Consultant at Toronto Public Health, providing training and consultation to those in caring professions for dealing with stress reactions and in gender based violence prevention. She has a Bachelor of Nursing degree from University of Manitoba and has had many years of public health nursing experience, both in Canada and overseas. She, along with her husband Steve, spent 20 years in Africa with Serving in Mission. While overseas, she worked as a nurse, provided training for church leaders, gave oversight and care for other missionaries and developed and coordinated HIV/AIDS projects.


Admission: The regular seminar fee is $49 per participant and includes seminar handouts and assessment materials, coffee and light refreshments.
Parking: There is a $1 per hour parking fee for guest parking.

Plus d'information

416-226-6620 x4206
416-226-6620 x4206 (Sans frais)


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Parents, familles et aidants
Les employés, les employeurs et le milieu de travail
Soins primaires (p. Ex., Médecins de famille, pédiatres, infirmières praticiennes)
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