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Nom de l'événement

Friends for Life (anxiety prevention program for 10-12 yr. olds)
For: Grand public
Fourni par: Family Services Ottawa

Date et l'heure

Wed Jan 27 to wed 30 mar 2016
(Every week on mer.)
(Cet événement est terminé)
6:00 - 7:30pm

Lieu de la conférence

312 Parkdale Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 4X5

Description de l'évenement

Anxiety Prevention Program for children 10-12 years old with mild to moderate anxiety. This 9 week program has proven to be effective in building emotional resilience and teaching strategies that are practical and useful for coping with times of worry and change. It's fun too!

Plus d'information

613-725-3601 x207


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Aptitudes sociales et à la vie quotidienne
Parents, familles et aidants
Angoisse de séparation
Trouble d'anxiété sociale
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