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Nom de l'événement

19th Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference
For: Grand public, Professionnels
Fourni par: University of Ottawa, Office of CPD

Date et l'heure

Fri Jun 1 to mon 2 jul 2018 (Cet événement est terminé)

Lieu de la conférence

145 Richmond Street West, Toronto, ON

Description de l'évenement

The Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference aims to advance collaborative practice in mental health care in primary care and community settings. Our scope includes intra- and interprofessional collaboration, as well as collaboration with clients and caregivers. We value multiple forms of knowledge and ‘evidence’ including scientific knowledge, pragmatic knowledge of front line healthcare providers and administrators, and experiential knowledge of people using mental health services, and throughout the conference we seek to promote dialogue between these different perspectives.

This year’s conference theme is “Collaborating Across Cultures”. We define culture broadly to include cultures of people, of organizations and even of different disciplines in the health professions. As providers of mental health care and supporters of people living with mental illness we need to collaborate across these various cultures to provide the best care and support possible. We invite you to submit an abstract and attend the conference to share the work you and your team have been doing in collaborative mental health care.

Plus d'information

613-798-5555 x16072


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Dépendances (y compris la toxicomanie, l’alcoolisme et le jeu compulsif)
Troubles déficitaires de l’attention (TDA/TDAH)
Gestion de la colère
Problèmes de comportement
Troubles du comportement alimentaire, y compris l’anorexie et la boulimie
Troubles de l’apprentissage
Séparation et divorce
Aptitudes sociales et à la vie quotidienne
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