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Gestalt Institute of Toronto (GIT)
The Gestalt Institute of Toronto is one of the oldest established psychotherapy training schools in Canada. We were established in 1973 as a center for some of the leading Gestalt practitioners of the day, including Lore Perls and Isadore From. In addition to the training of psychotherapists we have a tradition of providing one of the most challenging levels of personal growth and development workshops and ongoing groups. Our commitment to experiential learning means that our graduates have embodied the theory and approach in their lives as well as their work. Over and over we hear from our students and participants: I have never connected more deeply to others, I now can be myself within a group, or I have found my honest voice…

In June 2014 we became the first psychotherapy institute in Ontario to be recognized by the newly established College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) as addressing all of the required criteria for training. The GIT continues to hold its own on the international scale with the quality of training as well as its association with leading international Gestalt trainers.

Gestalt therapy today is vital and expanding throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas with schools in Scandinavia, Russia, Great Britain, France, Germany, Central and South America, Tibet, China as well as Canada and the US. The GIT is part of a growing international family committed to the leading edge in humanistic psychotherapy training based in neuroscience and quality based research, dedicated to the movement from behavioural and cognitive focus to experiential, relational, embodied and field approach.

Our students come from backgrounds as varied as the arts and information technology, education, occupational therapy, social work, bodywork and yoga. Often they have always known that they flourished in the experiential approach or they seek to balance their academic strengths with embodied knowledge. The Gestalt psychotherapist brings their whole self including their awareness into a variety of settings, in private practice as well as institutional settings working with psychopathology, autism, addictions and eating disorders.
417 Parliament St
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Âges servis: 18 ans et plus
Langue: Anglais
Frais Oui
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Région desservie Toronto

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Troubles du comportement alimentaire, y compris l’anorexie et la boulimie
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