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AVERTISSEMENT -- Les individus de pratique privée sont à titre informatif seulement. Même si nous faisons de notre mieux pour nous assurer que seuls des professionnels qualifiés sont référencés dans notre annuaire, nous n'avons pas la capacité de dépister individuellement chaque inscription. Avant de voir un individu, il est recommandé que vous vérifiez avec l'organisation professionnelle appropriée pour assurer leur qualification.
Hansen, Daniel - Psychothérapeute autorisé, Jungian Analyst, ThD, MDiv, RP, Diploma in Analytical Psychology
Daniel A. Hansen
Pratique privée (individu)
Some people in today’s world have little use for institutional religion, but they seek a more profound spirituality. They want to know how they are and the deepest aspects of life for them. Perhaps you are one of those persons. Alternatively, maybe you are a person of traditional faith wanting to know more fully your calling. You may have many questions. Maybe you have had major challenges in your life, or are going through one right now, and do not know how to make sense of things. Perhaps you find it difficult to move ahead. For all of us, working with our dreams can reveal how the unconscious is encouraging us to find balance and a fuller sense of self. Begin to take intentional time for yourself. Set aside weekly time to learn to know who you are. Seek the depth of your being, and search out a renewed vision of life. Explore these unique possibilities within you, for you are a gift, and you have many blessings to share with yourself and others.

As a Jungian analyst, I work with people on their dreams, looking at them symbolically and psychologically, and what they offer. Dreams contain aspects of who we are as persons and how the Self (numinosum) is present in us. The process of individuation (greater consciousness and awareness) is a goal. In my role as both a Jungian analyst and a registered psychotherapist, I also work with clients regarding the issues they bring into their analysis. Some of these include anxiety, depression, self-esteem, peer pressure, aging, stress, sexual orientation, addiction, Illness, sexual abuse, grief/loss, relationships, retirement, demands of work or family life, separation and divorce challenges, spiritual and religious questions, sense of well-being, and life satisfaction. I also offer spiritual direction which is a form of spiritual counselling (mentoring or companioning) that explores questions regarding God’s presence in a person’s life and focuses on that relationship.
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