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Virtual Secret Agent Society: Operation Regulation (VSAS) Local
Sujets abordés Emotion Regulation, Neurodevelopmental Problems, autism, learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or cerebral palsy.
Statut : Études actives et recrutement actif
Dates : Sun 19 Jun 2022 à Mon 19 Jun 2023
We are currently recruiting participants for our study, the Virtual Secret Agent Society: Operation Regulation (VSAS). VSAS is a virtual cognitive behavioural intervention that aims to address emotion regulation in children with neurodevelopmental disabilities (NDD).

At this time, we are looking for youth in Ontario, Canada, between the ages of 8 and 13 with a formal NDD diagnosis: * autism * learning disabilities * attention deficit hyperactivity disorder * cerebral palsy.

Children need to have at least average language skills and intellectual ability and need to be interested in working on emotions with a therapist.

Families need to be able to participate in 10 consecutive weekly virtual visits (research participation will be completed on Zoom).
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