Simcoe County, ON
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Intensive Support and Supervision Program (ISSP)
Program/Service of : Kinark Child and Family Services
The Intensive Support and Supervision Program (ISSP) was developed to better meet the needs of youth in conflict with the law who have been identified with serious mental health issues. These youth are assessed as being extremely vulnerable in a secure custody setting. ISSP provides the courts with an alternative to custody that is different from other community support programs in terms of the level, type and intensity of the service.

This program functions as an intensive in-home, strength-based counseling which works with other agencies and the schools. ISSP therapists work intensively with parents, or in the case where the youth is independent of family, the therapist and will coordinate with all known support systems.

Our goal is to assist youth and their families, through capacity building, long after the ISSP Court order has expired.
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Âges servis: Jusqu'à 12 ans
Langue: Anglais
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