Ontario, ON
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Chronic Pain Management Group (virtual)
For: Grand public
Fourni par: Strength in Numbers Group Therapy

Date et l'heure

Tue Jan 17 to wed 22 mar 2023
(Every week on mar.)
4:00 - 5:30pm

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Description de l'évenement

Are you struggling to manage your pain, and to participate in your usual daily activities? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Has living with chronic pain triggered frequent bouts of frustration, anger, anxiety or depression? You are not alone. Managing chronic pain is so challenging. Our virtual Pain Management Group helps you to master new pain management skills each week – identifying symptom patterns and pain triggers, mastering relaxation and stress management skills, reducing emotional distress, modifying and pacing painful activities, preventing and coping with pain flare-ups etc. We help you to set goals, monitor your progress & stay on track. 10 sessions; $75 per session.

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