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Mobile Crisis Response Services for Children and Youth
Mobile Crisis Response Worker available Mondays - Fridays 8:30am-8:30pm (with the exception of holidays); Mental Health Crisis Line Worker available 24hrs a day 7 days a week The Youth Mobile Crisis Response Services for children and youth is designed to provide mental health supports to children, youth, and families experiencing a crisis that is not imminently life threatening but would benefit from an immediate supportive response. Crises may include calls from children and youth who are depressed or suicidal, calls from parents who are concerned about aggressive, out of control behaviour, and calls from those who may have worries about disturbing or unusual behaviours. The Mobile Crisis Worker will provide immediate telephone response and support within 30 minutes of being contacted by the parent. The Crisis worker will assist parents and youth over the telephone to safely disengage from conflict and can support parents to plan interventions intended to stabilize the situation. The Crisis Worker can conduct a risk assessment involving the child or youth in the hospital, in the client's home, if situation is safe, or in the an office to assist with determining the level of risk for the child or youth. The Crisis Worker can meet clients and families at the site of the crisis, if the situation is safe, or to an agreed meeting place, as needed and mutually determined in consultation with their supervisor to provide further crisis management. The Crisis Worker will assist with the development of safety plans and crisis plans. They will provide information and support referrals to community services. Following the contact with the Mobile Crisis Response Worker, follow-up for up to 21 days can be provided, with the agreement of the youth and family. An appointment is usually provided to the youth and family within 48 hours of the referral for follow-up. Further support to ensure continued de-escalation of the crisis can also be provided. The primary goal is short-term intervention aimed at improved functioning for the youth and family and referral to the appropriate community resources where necessary.
34 Simcoe Street
Barrie, ON, L4N 6T4 Map
1-888-893-8333 (Sans frais)
705-728-5044 (Ligne de crise)
Âges servis: Jusqu'à 18 ans
Langue: Anglais
Frais Aucun
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