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Emily Porter
For: Professionnels
Fourni par: Leading Edge Seminars

Date et l'heure

Wed Apr 17 to wed 24 apr 2024
(Every week on mer.)
1:00 - 4:15pm

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Neurofeedback is a method of brain training with well over 40 years of research and clinical evidence supporting its effectiveness. For most of the past four decades, however, neurofeedback has been difficult for healthcare practitioners to access and incorporate into their day-to-day practice.

Those days are over.

Today, we are on the threshold of a new revolution in digital healthcare and the power of neurofeedback has never been more accessible as a tool that complements the way you already work as a clinician.

Emerging technologies have brought neurofeedback within reach of healthcare practitioners seeking to raise their game, regardless of discipline. No longer an esoteric methodology veiled in technical jargon, clinical-grade neurofeedback can now be delivered remotely and affordably to your clients. Neurofeedback offers a treatment approach that complements and extends the effectiveness of the traditional methods of your discipline.

This webinar is designed as an introduction for the neurofeedback-curious clinician as well as those who may already have some exposure to this field and wish to learn more about how rapidly developing technologies, such as remote delivery, can allow a typical clinician to incorporate neurofeedback into their current practice.

Join Nathan Brown, PhD, of TrueBearing Academy, for a two-part series exploring emerging neurofeedback applications and their use in a wide range of clinical work.

Participants in this series will become familiar with the following concepts and applications of neurofeedback, particularly as a supplement to traditional psychotherapy and stress management methods:
-Basic principles and applications of neurofeedback in clinical practice.
-Research evidence demonstrating the efficacy of neurofeedback as a treatment for multiple conditions.
-An evolutionary perspective on patterns of neurodysregulation that underlie common clinical presentations; this brain-centered perspective will inform every aspect of your clinical approach.
Implications of common patterns of neurodysregulation for traditional clinical practice as well as brain training as a standalone intervention.
-Indications and contra-indications regarding the appropriateness of neurofeedback.
-Ethical considerations in the practice of neurofeedback.
-Diversity considerations in the practice of neurotherapy.
-A step-by-step case study demonstrating the use of neurotherapy, from assessment through protocol development and tuning to successful completion and the use of additional neuroregulation resources.
-A roadmap for clinicians to efficiently acquire basic competence in neurofeedback and related modalities.

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