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Emily Porter
For: Professionnels
Fourni par: Leading Edge Seminars

Date et l'heure

Thu May 2 to fri 3 may 2024
1:00 - 4:30pm

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Description de l'évenement

Embark on a journey through the intricate landscape of legal and ethical issues faced by mental health professionals with our updated 2024 series.

This comprehensive series is thoughtfully crafted to address the evolving challenges faced by psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers, and other healthcare practitioners.

Join us as legal expert Robert Solomon walks us through the legal dimensions that shape your professional practice and enhance your ability to navigate the complexities of ethical decision-making.

Session 1: Informed Consent, Capacity & Negligence

In Session 1, we delve into the critical preliminary issues surrounding the legal environment for mental health professionals. Part I focuses on the legal principles governing consent to treatment, counseling, and care. We explore the intricacies of consent forms, statutory ages, and the principles governing capacity. Part II guides you through the legal aspects of substitute consent, hierarchy of decision-makers, and safeguards. In Part III, we examine negligence, errors in judgment, and incompetence, emphasizing the standard of care expected in supervision and reference provision.

Session 2: Documentation, Confidentiality, Mandatory Reporting & Duty to Warn

Session 2 unfolds the importance of documentation, confidentiality, and legal obligations. Part I outlines the principles of documentation and the legal significance of recordkeeping. We discuss liability for negligent recordkeeping, client access, and retention policies. Part II delves into confidentiality obligations, their sources, consequences of breaches, and limits under privacy legislation. Part III unravels the intricate web of mandatory reporting obligations, from federal criminal offenses to child abuse. The section concludes with an exploration of the common law duty to warn in Canada.

Throughout this course, real-life therapeutic examples will be interwoven, providing practical insights into how legal principles manifest in clinical practice. Engage in interactive discussions and gain valuable perspectives on anticipating and avoiding legal challenges.

Join us on this educational journey, with opportunities to pose questions and foster a deeper understanding of the legal landscape governing your profession.

Secure your spot today and enhance your practice with a comprehensive understanding of legal and ethical considerations in therapeutic settings.

*Can’t attend live? This webinar will be recorded and archived. All registrants receive unlimited access to the recording for 365 days.

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