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Emily Porter
For: Professionnels
Fourni par: Leading Edge Seminars

Date et l'heure

Thu May 23 to thu 30 may 2024
(Every week on jeu.)
1:00 - 4:15pm

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Description de l'évenement

Embark on a transformative journey with “Empathic Resilience,” a course designed for empathy professionals seeking to forge deep connections while safeguarding against burnout. In this immersive experience, participants delve into the Six Essential Aspects of Empathy model crafted by the insightful Karla McLaren, MEd.

Imagine unlocking the secrets to make empathy not just accessible but fully manageable. This isn’t merely about understanding empathy; it’s about crafting a workplace environment where empathy is not just healthy but intentional and enduring.

Tailored specifically for healthcare professionals, this course navigates the intricate realms of emotional and empathic labor, extending its reach into the nuances of personal lives. Picture gaining the expertise to not only preserve but skillfully manage empathy in the face of challenges and intense emotions.

This isn’t theoretical rhetoric; participants walk away with tangible practices, refined communication skills, and a personalized self-care toolkit. These tools aren’t confined to the workplace; they extend into the fabric of personal relationships.

The mission is clear: empower professionals to extend healthy empathy without succumbing to burnout, nurturing both their well-being and productivity. Join us in the quest for empathic resilience and sustainable connections.

Can’t attend live? This webinar will be recorded and archived. All registrants receive unlimited access to the recording for 365 days.

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