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Waterford Hospital
This historic hospital located on Waterford Bridge Road in St. John’s was first opened in 1854 as the Hospital for Mental and Nervous Diseases. It was renamed the Waterford Hospital in 1972.

Since it was opened almost 150 years ago, the treatment and care of the mentally ill has changed dramatically. During the 1960’s, the Waterford had more than 1,000 patients in residence. Today, the Mental Health Program uses the Waterford Hospital as its base of operations and provides mostly acute care at the facility. Less than 200 clients occupy beds at any time in the hospital, and there are numerous outpatient and community-based services.

The Waterford Hospital now also provides Dialysis Services, Blood Collection and X-Ray Clinics.

For a detailed history of the Waterford Hospital, please read Out of Mind, Out of Sight: A History of the Waterford Hospital, by Patricia O’Brien.
Waterford Bridge Road
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