Calgary Zone (previously Calgary Health Region), AB
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Calgary Legal Advice
Provides legal assistance and information to disadvantaged persons who would not otherwise have access to such services.

If you need legal information and advice on:

* Family issues such as; separation/divorce, custody and access, child support, etc;
* Criminal issues such as theft, mischief, fraud, non domestic assault, solicitation etc;
* Civil issues such as small claims, debt, landlord/tenant, employment etc;
* Orders of Protection such as; Restraining Order, Emergency Protection Orders etc;
* Social Benefit issues such as; supports for independents, assured income for the severely handicapped, employment insurance, Canada Pension Plan etc;

or other legal matters, cannot afford a lawyer and do not qualify for Legal Aid, Calgary Legal Guidance can help!
100-840 7th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB, T2P 3G2 Map
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Langue: Anglais
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Région desservie Calgary Zone (previously Calgary Health Region)
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